This is us


We are inspired by moving images

Video is at the heart of what we do,video to help sell products,video to inform, video to entertain.


Tech is important; people are essential

We work with great tech, but our passion is the people we work for

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We believe in global

Global thinking to help local realities.

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“Its ok” is not good enough

We want to exceed expectations, exceed what is normal, exceed what others may accept.

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We sell things to help people sell things

We are the pioneers and leaders in shoppable video, and shoppable video helps to sell things.

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About Us


We believe in paying commissions

We are paid a commission when Woo Market's tagged product are purchased through shoppable video embedded in your website or blog, we believe in sharing that commission with our clients to spread the love around.


Trust in all things

Words are cheap, judge us by our actions. If we make mistakes we shall do all to make it right. Letting you down is not an option.

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Our tech works

We have developed some great tech and it is robust and stable; it works. We take great care and pride in our solutions.


Our clients are No. 1

We are in business as a result of our clients, simply put you are the reason we exist. We act with you at the core of all our thinking.


Life is too short

If you are into mean-spirited dishonest behaviour, including racism and sexism, we are not the company for you.

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We have the Tshirt

We have strong views on what works, views built from experience and doing it. Our advice is freely given.

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Work hard and have fun

The team works hard and (most of the time) we are having fun as well. That means its get done.

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